Change is good but requires patience

Welcome to the new, vibrant and well designed website,

I take no credit for this but rather will reflect upon the process, as it is similar to the job search process. This will be the third iteration of the website, each generated by evolving and more sophisticated look and feel of business websites. Users become jaded quickly, wanting accurate information in three clicks and a speedy resolution.

How to present in a creative and engaging format to both new visitors and those coming back for new services is the real challenge here. Old wine in new casks will not suffice, however, we have all seen such in advertising. The actual process of total revision is more than simple updating; it is a full integration of connection.

It is true that job seekers also scramble to keep up with new skills, better ways to reach employers and the sinking feeling that they are always one step off from the rest of the crowd.

ATS resume, in person networking, job boards, working from home, switching to a new environment all have their consequences but opting out is not one of them.

Job seekers need to remind themselves that one job will do for now and that the future is an unknown.