So what does that sign really mean?

For many years, commuting from Newport to Providence on I-95 meant avoiding traffic jams, knowing how to get on to secondary roads if needed, and generally figuring out how to get to and from in one piece. Attention and vigilance is needed, without distractions but…

One night, while driving along, a huge billboard caught my eye. It was an enormous nose of a jet engine with just a glimpse of huge wings no doubt designed to reassure the viewers that this plane was more than capable of getting to its destination

What was even more arresting however, was the caption declaring in big bold letters, “52 daily flights to Newark!”

That brought me out of my driving reverie far faster than the news… Newark, New Jersey? It seemed odd that there were that many people needing to fly from Warwick, RI to Newark, New Jersey every day, what was going on that was so very attractive?

As I pondered the connection, I then realized the immense air traffic generated by major airports in the United States and that a strong market would only continue for secondary air markets. As more and more people looked to air travel for business and pleasure, demand for services would increase and not only for airports, but for auxiliary services as well.

One does not disembark, or to use the industry’s phrase “deplane”, with all the amenities of home and office close by, indeed the search for such may have only just begun.

Arriving passengers then look for signage directing them to their next stops, be that luggage or ground transport.

We have now seen the opening of Interlink, which serves to connect ground and air connections around TF Green airport. However, we can also see strong markets in auxiliary services right in the airport and in service roads near airport.

What is needed, let’s start with rental cars, gas stations, fast food establishments, hotels, restaurants, gift shops, WiFi, convenience stores, entertainment, ATM’s, banks, cab services, health and wellness facilities, all on a 24/7 basis. All need staff; all need reliable individuals to operate computer transactions with travelers. Here is a great market for a part time job, to open a new service or to advertise an event.

This instance may not be confined to just airports, but really to any situation that may be turned into an opportunity. We call this “happenstance”, looking for an opportunity in any turn of events. The skill is in seeing through the event to find opportunities for you, rather than thinking the right job will land in your lap.

Practice “happenstance” this week as you go about your day. What did you see, read or hear that might make a job for you or someone else? If this catches your attention, try reading, “Luck is No Accident” by John Krumboltz. It is a quick, enjoyable read that will stay with you as you approach employment and other choices.

Ellen Weaver Paquette, MA, CAGS
Developpe, Inc.