Zayed University Training

The United Arab Emirates (composed of seven emirates) borders both Oman and Saudi Arabia on the Arabian Sea, with maritime borders with Qatar and Iran. After establishing independence from the UK in 1941, the UAE has capitalized upon its natural gas and oil reserves to promote healthcare, education and a sound infrastructure. Dubai has emerged as a destination hub for the Middle East, cementing the diversification of tourism and finance for the country. English is spoken widely as it is the language of education and business, especially in Abu Dhabi, which is the capital of the UAE.

Zayed University, founded in 1998, features two campuses and the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business Sciences, Communication and Media Sciences, Education, Information Technology and University College. The Career Services office seeks to serve many students and employs a staff of five at each campus.

In order to unify and upgrade skills of staff at both campuses, a weeklong training was conducted in early December 2017. Staff became more skilled at basic career development competencies as well as sharing role/job functions while participating in group strategies. My facilitation, coupled with a focus upon group interactions, led to a more excited and energized staff that will pursue their first career development certification (FCD) in 2018. All have identified special projects for 2018, which will elevate their delivery of services to Zayed students, parents, faculty, employers and alumni.